Coaches Brief and Demonstration

WOD – Tuesday 31st March

Shoulders Strengthening and Mobility


10 Scap Pushups

10 Passthroughs

10 Broomstick OverHead Squats

For time:


Minute 1: 20 Second Side Plank each side

Minute 2: 30 Second Wall Sit

Minute 3: Max Pushups

We are starting with some Rehab/Prehab/mobilty work on the shoulders, work through at a moderate but continuous pace.

Every set of passthoughs, bring your hands about 1cm closer together.

The workout consists of a challenging couplet of core movements, complete those in their directed minute and in each 3rd minute, we are looking for Max Reps of Pushups.

Pushups will be your score.

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