Coaches Brief and Demonstration

WOD – Thursday 26th March


30 – 20 -10

Swimmer Kicks (2 Count)

Ankle taps (2 Count)

Plank Up downs


Grace Anything 

You can clean and jerk almost any object. Is it too light? Double the rep scheme. Triple it in fact. Focus on the movement mechanics of handling an awkward object. 30 x Clean & Jerk any object for time You can modify this workout depending on the object, its size and weight. Look for objects like: logs, driftwood, tyres, rocks of various shapes, sand bags, barrels and your friends heavy suitcase.

Let’s get creatvie today in what we can find around the house to clean and jerk in this handy version of everyone’s favourite WOD, Grace.
Check out the Coaches suggestions on what you may be able to use to get a great workout.

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