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At CrossFit Confront‭, ‬we know that people want real, lasting results that empower a fuller, more exciting life.‬

With Coaches that care, a proven training program and a genuine, supportive community you’ll achieve results in and out of the gym.  If more energy, strength and vibrance is what you’re after, we can deliver.

Unlimited Access To All CrossFit Classes

With classes scheduled throughout the day you will have plenty of options to fit into your busy day.

The CFC Guarantee

If you do a minimum of 3 sessions per week in your first 3 weeks, and feel like you didn’t receive value, then we’ll give you your money back.

Workout tracking app

Our free workout tracking app allows you to view daily programming, book classes, log results and interact with our other members for support and accountability.

Nutrition advice & Accountability

You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. CrossFit makes you accountable: The workouts are 3x harder if you eat cookies the night before.  We can provide nutrition resources, advice and support to help you achieve your goals

Expert Coaching Team

Our Coaches are with you 100% of the time while you train, ensuring safety, and efficacy, ensuring you train in a way that achieves maximum results.

Custom Program modifications

Every session is tailored to each individual’s needs and abilities.  Our Coaching team will ensure you are always capable of conducting the movements within our program at a level that suits and ensures progression.

Baseline Movement & Fitness Assessment

Our Coaching team will assess any movement dysfunction you may have.  We use this data to tailor workouts to help you effectively reach your goals and train to reduce the likelihood of injury.

Community Support

We have built and curated the community within CrossFit Confront to be a powerful asset for anyone looking to make positive healthy changes in their life.  Inside our gym, you will find Toowoomba’s most supportive gym community and friends who will support you 100%.